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When reinforcing and stabilizing the ground, it is crucial to avoid overloading it to prevent future settlement of buildings or structures. Unfortunately, in Poland, it is very common to overload weak and unstable ground. Meanwhile, engineers worldwide use modern methods and technologies for ground stabilization that achieve the required strength parameters while reducing the load on the structure.

The Dutch construction industry has been using foam concrete for decades—a successful alternative to traditional stabilization methods. This durable building material enhances the load-bearing properties of the ground, meets all building standards, and is competitively priced.

The Role of Foam Concrete in Ground Stabilization

A critical aspect of using foam concrete in ground stabilization is that it does not wash away during use. Foam concrete forms a monolithic, impermeable, and stable structure.

Although foam concrete contains cement, its high air content gives it many unique properties compared to other building materials with hydraulic binders. Investors appreciate foam concrete for its:

  • Frost resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Vibration damping capability

But perhaps most importantly, foam concrete does not burden the ground and allows the principle of ground balance to be applied.

Due to these properties, the use of lightweight concrete is one of the most effective methods for strengthening unstable ground. Foam concrete is used, for example, to stabilize soil on embankments: part of the soil is replaced with material with a density of 600 kg/m³, which reduces weight and significantly increases slope stability.

Foam Concrete—An Excellent Solution for Ground Stabilization

Our company has been producing foam concrete for over 30 years, achieving high strength parameters and meeting all environmental safety standards. We use Dutch machinery and foaming agents. By choosing our offer, you can be assured of the excellent parameters of foam concrete, significant time savings, and outstanding results at an attractive price.

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