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Quick Construction The total capacity of our machines reaches 100 m³ per hour. What does this mean? In one day, we can cover an area of up to 5000 m² with a layer of Foam Concrete!

Complete Logistics We will comprehensively handle your needs: we will order the slurry for Foam Concrete production from a local concrete plant, arrange delivery at a set time, install Foam Concrete up to 300 meters from the machine location (important in hard-to-reach places or places where heavy equipment cannot move), and laser-mark all construction levels.

Transparent Billing The billing for installed Foam Concrete is based on WZ documents specifying the amount of slurry delivered for Foam Concrete production from a local concrete plant.

Technical Support Our team is always ready to assist and advise. We also collaborate with many design offices and research laboratories. You can always count on our support.

0 (ZERO) Complaints in 30 Years! Thanks to the use of continuous Foam Concrete production technology, we produce a material of the highest quality and the best parameters.


Starting from 499 PLN
net per m³

In each case, the following is added:

  • Travel cost of 4 PLN net per kilometer
  • Mobilization cost of 2000 PLN net per mobilization

The price is determined individually and includes construction costs, depending on the local price of mortar, the amount and density of PB.

We produce Foam Concrete with a density of 400 to 1400 kg/m³.

Facts and Myths
Can foam concrete be applied directly on the ground?
Yes, Foam Concrete can be poured directly on the ground as a stabilizing and leveling layer.
Can Foam Concrete be the final floor layer?
No, Foam Concrete should be covered with another wear-resistant layer (concrete floor, concrete pavers, waterproof membrane).
What is the minimum thickness of PB?
No less than 5 cm for ceilings, 10 cm for floors, and 15 cm for roads.
What is the maximum thickness of the layer when pouring at once?
70 cm, recommended 50 cm.
What is the minimum ambient temperature during PB pouring?
No less than 5 degrees Celsius during pouring and for 24 hours after pouring.
What surface flatness can be achieved?
Surface flatness deviations of +- 0.5 cm over a 2 m span.
Is it possible to form slopes?
Yes, up to 5%.
Does Foam Concrete swell or increase in volume?
No, in contrast to aerated concrete (e.g., Siporex), no chemical reactions occur in Foam Concrete. Therefore, Foam Concrete does not swell, and it has closed pores (does not absorb water).
Does Foam Concrete absorb a lot of water?
Foam Concrete's absorbability is similar to normal concrete. Foam Concrete has closed pores – it forms an impermeable layer.