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Zakład Produkcji Różnej, Handlu i Usług „WAJM” sp. z o.o. is a privately owned company. It was established in 1988, initially focusing on the construction and repair of industrial equipment in the non-ferrous metallurgy sector.

In October 1992, the company shifted its focus to the construction industry, specializing in the comprehensive execution of subbases, various types of floors, and surfaces. In the same year, the company acquired the technology for foam concrete production from the Netherlands. After over a year of training, the first foam concrete production plant in Poland was launched.

The foam concrete produced and used by WAJM is a product of the highest quality, based on certified and approved Dutch technologies, equipment, and foaming agents. It holds the certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene No. 1003/92, the certificate of the Concrete Research Center No. 7/94, and the recommendation of the Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw.

WAJM Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically operating, modern company that focuses on high-quality workmanship, allowing clients to save time and resources. We work quickly, use the simplest and most effective solutions possible, and are eco-friendly. WAJM has repeatedly received the Reliable Company and Trustworthy Company certificates, adhering to good business practices. Learn more about our company at wajm.biz.pl.

We have worked on countless construction projects. All of our previous projects function flawlessly, and clients choose our services for subsequent projects and recommend them to other entities.

Łukasz Chady
Co-founder of the company