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The roof is an extremely important part of the house. Its durability ensures the safety of the building and its thermal insulation provides comfort. The most durable solution is to construct a monolithic concrete roof. This type of roof offers high resistance while maintaining a thin profile and is easy to build.

What about the thermal insulation of the roof? Unfortunately, in Poland, polystyrene is the most commonly used material—it is not durable, not eco-friendly, and increasingly raises concerns among firefighters. Additionally, recent climate changes and the strong winds affecting our country argue for the use of durable and storm-resistant monolithic roof coverings.

Foam concrete combines durability with lightness and thermal insulation. It is recommended for constructing roofs for houses, offices, and public buildings. Moreover, foam concrete provides very fast construction and a rigid roof covering within a few days. A foam concrete roof can be safely cleared of snow and does not become a habitat for rodents, birds, or insects. Most importantly, foam concrete is fully fire-resistant and will never degrade due to oxidation, significantly reducing the long-term cost of such a roof.

Insulation of Ceilings in Underground Garages

Underground garages have become a part of our daily life. The demand for parking spaces has quickly led to the creation of vast underground areas invisible on the surface. These areas require appropriate construction and protection from the weather. Proper insulation of the roof and reducing its load is necessary. In this case, it is worth opting for a screed made of lightweight and thermally insulating foam concrete. We provide ceilings with a monolithic thermal insulation layer—durable and resistant to the destructive effects of frost, water, or rodents. A roof covered with a layer of foam concrete only needs to be covered with felt or membrane and it’s ready.

Advantages of Foam Concrete on Roofs

Foam concrete is, in many respects, an ideal material for protecting monolithic concrete roofs. Here are the main benefits of using foam concrete:

  • Relatively short implementation time, usually, a 1000 m2 screed takes only 2-3 days
  • Monolithic surface, the material does not require expansion joints, tightly filling entire ceilings.
  • Low density, which reduces the weight of the entire structure.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Full fire and biological resistance.
  • Frost resistance and long-term durability against low temperatures.
  • Ceilings are free of pests (rodents, insects).
  • Relatively low cost (low price per m2)
  • Versatility, the material is excellent not only for ceilings but also for floors, foundations, or ground stabilization.

Foam concrete WAJM guarantees the highest quality and a solid roof for years.

Monolithic Concrete Roofs—How Much Does It Cost?

Sometimes it is said that a monolithic concrete roof requires significant financial investment. However, it’s hard to view the investment by focusing only on the “here and now.” In our company WAJM, the price of foam concrete starts at 399 PLN net per m³, which includes the cost of materials, labor, and comprehensive construction. The price per m² is not everything. Roofs made from this material do not require repairs or maintenance. The short implementation time means the construction team works faster, reducing the cost of this service.

Advantages of Working with Us

For over 30 years, we have specialized in the construction of substrates, floors, and large surfaces based on foam concrete. Over these years, we have completed thousands of projects that still fulfill their functions today.

By choosing to work with us, clients can expect:

  • Professional service,
  • Consultations backed by years of experience,
  • A high-quality product with consistent and stable parameters,
  • Short execution times,
  • Low price,
  • High-quality product.

We use Dutch machinery and foaming agents. If you are looking for a reliable contractor, with whose products you can create a solid, monolithic concrete roof, our company is the best choice.