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Many people who have invested in building their dream home often wonder how to create an access road to their property at a low cost. This often involves seeking the most affordable yet reliable and effective solutions to reduce some of the expenses.

An excellent choice in this scenario is foam concrete (pianobeton), a modern construction and insulation material that allows for effective ground stabilization. As a result, it enables the creation and stabilization of any access road affordably.

Ground Frost Heaving – A Construction Problem

Ground frost heaving is a periodic phenomenon that can negatively impact the access road to a property, especially if the stabilization was done cheaply using inappropriate materials. As the water in the ground freezes, the road can rise by several centimeters. This process can create frost heaves, which damage roads by causing holes and cracks.

Foam concrete is an excellent solution in this case, as its thermal insulation properties allow for the stabilization of any access road at a low cost. By choosing foam concrete, you can avoid ground frost heaving and erosion, resulting in a more durable access road.

Construction on Non-Load-Bearing Soils Is Possible

Foam concrete is considered a special-purpose material because its lightweight technology allows for the relief of road construction. This makes it ideal for stabilizing the ground, even in cases of completely non-load-bearing soils. Therefore, it is an excellent answer to the question of how to create and stabilize an access road to your property affordably. Foam concrete eliminates the need for piling or soil replacement, enabling the quick and cost-effective construction of roads, as has been done on the swamps of Florida for years.

Ground Stabilization Matters

How can you ensure the affordable stabilization of the ground to prevent mechanical damage to the roadway? First, you need to properly stabilize the access road, which can be done effectively and affordably using foam concrete that does not overload the ground.

One example is the project related to the abutment of a viaduct in Wolsztyn. Due to excessive traffic load, the abutment frequently cracked, raising the question of how to prevent this. Foam concrete proved to be the perfect solution, stabilizing the ground and consequently reinforcing the road.

Time Is Money

Foam concrete is a modern material that enables the rapid construction of affordable access roads. Therefore, it is not worth investing in less effective road plates, crushed stone, or rubble, which are commonly used for driveway construction. In contrast, the inexpensive method using foam concrete can reduce the cost of road construction by up to half compared to traditional technologies.

Since 1992, Wajm sp. z o.o. has operated on the Polish market, investing in Dutch technology, equipment, and foaming agents to start producing foam concrete. Their extensive experience in this field allows for the low-cost construction of various road surfaces, including access roads, in a very short time (3 working days). Excellent examples of this are the road investments completed by the company, some of which have been functioning without issues for 30 years!

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