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Increasingly aggressive weather conditions in Poland are significantly impacting road conditions. Reports of washed-out or broken roads, communities cut off from access, and the necessity to use detours are becoming more frequent. In such situations, a quick response is essential. Asphalt road repair does not have to be a lengthy process as it often is in our country; an ideal solution is the use of foam concrete.

Road Repair After a Storm

In May 2018, a storm hit the area around Kórnik in Greater Poland, resulting in the destruction and collapse of a significant portion of the road. The County Road Authority in Poznań responded promptly, allowing repair work to begin just three days after the incident. The road repair required quick filling of the landslide that had occurred. Foam concrete proved to be the best solution for this. Traditional materials such as gravel or sand do not perform well as they cannot be compacted perfectly in a washed-out gap, leading to road deformation and sinking shortly after. Furthermore, these materials remain susceptible to further washouts. Regular concrete is heavy, lacks frost protection, and is difficult to handle when roadwork is necessary.

Foam concrete, on the other hand, is lightweight yet very durable and water-resistant. Its structure, which includes air content, provides thermal insulation and is easy to work with using drills and chisels. For the described road, it was sufficient to create formwork at the landslide and fill it with foam concrete. Once the hole and all gaps were filled, an asphalt layer was laid. The entire operation took just two days, and the total repair time from the storm to completion was only one week!

Why Choose Foam Concrete?

Foam concrete can assist in many road-related situations. It is excellent for stabilizing non-load-bearing soils, reinforcing embankments, and reducing and strengthening bridge and viaduct abutments. Most importantly, it enhances the durability of roads built on a foam concrete base. Roads, parking lots, and sidewalks constructed 30 years ago are still in excellent condition, unlike many of the roads we see around us today. Foam concrete has been used in Western Europe for years, but Poland has only recently started to adopt it.

Advantages of Foam Concrete in Road Repairs

Foam concrete is particularly effective in asphalt road repairs due to its weight. Stones, gravel, and crushed rock are much heavier than foam concrete. Instead of reducing the load on the soil, these traditional materials increase it. Foam concrete eliminates issues related to soil settlement and movement entirely. Our company provides top-quality foam concrete services. Whether it’s repairing a municipal or county road, converting an existing dirt road into a new, smooth road that will last for years, or building a temporary road, foam concrete meets the requirements and saves time and energy.

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