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There are two main methods of producing Foam Concrete on the Polish market:

  1. Ad hoc production – Foam is added to the mixer of a concrete mixer truck. The truck’s mixer mixes the foam with the slurry and delivers the resulting material to the pump or directly to the construction site.
  2. Continuous production – The slurry for foam concrete production, consisting of cement, sand, and water, is produced at a local concrete plant and transported to the construction site using concrete mixer trucks. The slurry is then fed into a special machine where it is combined with foam. The mixture is then re-foamed and delivered to the construction site using a special peristaltic pump that protects the foam structure.

Only the second method guarantees consistent and reliable parameters of Foam Concrete in every cubic meter of the finished material. Studies confirm that the parameters of Foam Concrete produced by the continuous production method can be up to twice as high.

All of our machines for Foam Concrete production belong to the continuous Foam Concrete production category. That is why we say that the Foam Concrete we produce is True Foam Concrete.